Size Matters

LIP Theatre Company presents Size Matters, a new play

Meet Jim Arrandale, once a household name (he won an Oscar, you know!).

Now though, he’s gone from being a four-time BAFTA host to being stuck with local radio adverts. The famous and talented just don’t want to work with him anymore. Why? He’s a d*ck, simple as.

Jim strikes gold, however, when he’s given the chance to star in the West End’s next big play! The problem? He has the smallest part.

This is a play about sabotage, revenge, and the all-round vanity of actors. After all, size does matter.

VENUE: Sweet Holyrood: 3, Macdonald Holyrood Hotel, Edinburgh
DATES AND TIMES: August 15th - 27th 2017 (not 24th & 25th) at 6:20pm (50 mins)
TICKETS: £8 (full price) / £6 (concession)

Size Matters is presented during the 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, along with Open Heart Surgery.

Rehearsal photo gallery

Calum Telfer as Jim Arrandale
Calum Telfer as Jim Arrandale
Laura Thomson as Ellie Arrandale
Coren Childs as Bill Costello
Louise McCahery as Laurie Warren
Vachel Novesha as Tony Zevon
Róisín McCallum as Amanda Dupont
Julian Joseph as Bernard Bernard
Kai Durkin as Harry Paige
Charlotte McIntosh as Liz Browne
Craig Watson as Max Currie
Joy Naomi Ramsay as Chorus

Creative team
Written & directed by Ewan Gray
Produced by Kathleen Davie
Promotional video by Rachael Simpson
Poster illustration by Louise McCahery

With thanks to
The LIP Theatre Company committee, the staff at Sweet Venues, Festival Flats, University of Dundee Dalhousie Building staff, and for their generous raffle prize donations: Dundee Rep Theatre, The Cheesery, Kirsty Gunn, Rock'n'Roll Tattoo Studio, Freya Scott, Coren Childs, and Charlotte McIntosh. LIP Theatre Company are grateful to Dundee University Students' Association for their support, without which this production would not be possible.

Introduction to Size Matters
In this video by Rachael Simpson, writer and director Ewan Gray introduces the story and themes at the heart of Size Matters.