If The Shoe Fits

LIP Theatre Company presents If the Shoe Fits by Louise McCahery.

Cinderella is a kind young girl stuck in a quiet little town, who's life is turned upside-down by her father's sudden announcement that he has remarried. Her new step-mother Helena, and her ugly step-sisters Betty and Hatty are mean and stupid, but somehow love might be on the horizon for Cinderella. A run in with Prince Charming sets both their hearts aflame, but their hopes and dreams could be dashed the wicked Helena. Cinderella's friend Berty, and her Fairy Godmother will do their best to make sure she makes it to the ball!

Join LIP Theatre Company this winter for a brand new pantomime with adult humour, and some of your favourite songs!

Tickets will be available on the door, or can be booked in advance online by visiting our TicketSource page (link available soon).

VENUE: Mono, Dundee University Students' Association
DATES AND TIMES: 28th of November at 6pm, 3rd of December at 1pm & 6pm
ADMISSION: £5 (students & concessions) / £6 (full price)

Róisín McCallum as Cinderella
Shaun Falconer as Prince Charming
Kiran Reece as Helena
Joy Ramsay as The Fairy Godmother
Craig Watson as Berty
Angus Dunn as The King
Taskeen Bailwal as Frederick
Conor Ritchie as Betty
Lauren Sarah Davidson as Hatty
Jacques Laverty as Cinderella's Father
Luke Macdonald as The Narrator

CHORUS: David Virgo, Caeleen Saintraint, Olivia Graham, Josh Smith, Patrick Warren, Chloe Voutsas, Eimear Mc Namara, Kathleen Davie, Mary Erin Kinch, Hannah E Fairbrother, Maryam Zahra Jabir, Paul Andrew Flavell, Jacques Laverty, Sofié Ruderman, Stefani Zhelezcheva, Molly Kirby, Melina Gruber, Jerusha Vithiyanandan

Creative Team
Written & directed by Louise McCahery
Assistant directed by Matthew Ogden & Kirsten Sherry
Produced by Rob Currie
Poster illustration & design by Crispin Joseph
Backstage led by Chelsea Dunbar
Costume led by Jen Currie
Props design led by Caeleen Saintraint,
Set design led by Chelsea Dunbar
Lights & sound designed & operated by Rob Currie