Happy New Year!

Hello everyone, hope that you had a wonderful festive period, and that 2018 is shaping into a great year for you all! 

Here at LIP, we have been planning a splendid semester year of fun, surprises and THEATRE for all of you, and we are so excited to get on with the semester, with our upcoming production of Kai Durkin's Bodies, planning ahead for our trip to the Edinburgh  Fringe, and of course celebrating our 25th anniversary - Hi-yo, Silver! 

But first of all, comes our Refreshers Fair stall on Saturday the 20th of January at the Union, where you can catch up with our committee and general members, find some of our classic flyers (as well as a couple of new ones!) and learn about what we're planning for this year. Excited to hear from you all again, and catch y'all soon!

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